Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Building the porch

I wish that the weather would stay nice for a couple of weeks. I feel so bad when the guys come out to work on our house and its kind of rainy. 
 I do appreciate the fact that they come out and work hard on our house anyway. I LOVE our builders. :)

 I also am loving our new porch. We have the support beams getting placed today. 
 It's going to be so nice to be able to walk out onto the porch from the great room and look out at the pond. 
Here they are getting ready to build the screened in porch area.  
Here Dan and Daryl are adding another beam for the header going across to support the roof I believe.  
 They added a total of three of these boards and also enlisted the help of their older brother. Dan and Daryl have a great network of family to help get our house built.  

 Here's a view from the pantry - although we won't have a window there. 
The dining room will be extended onto the porch here.  
 This is the view of the porch from the master bedroom window. 
When Tom got home, we went back out to see what they got finished. We've got a few more beams to go across for the screened porch, but they are almost done! 
 Here's a view from under the porch from the basement garage side of the house.
 I can't wait until they get the floor on the porch so we can walk out on it. :)
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