Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy Day for our New House

Today must be a day of things to accomplish. I got my Christmas cards printed, addressed & mailed - BEFORE Christmas! I'm so excited.

While I was working on Christmas cards, Clint arrived with several dumptrucks to drop off loads of gravel, dirt, and misc. things to get our garage filled.  

So Tommy & I snuck out to watch the excitement. 

Much planning was going on when we arrived. 

Clint was talking to his guys about how to get our garage filled quickly.
Kyle got to work filling in the garage. This stuff will take a while to dry out, so we won't be pouring concrete anytime soon for the garage. 

The cool thing about some of this rock is that it's made of concrete-like material so it will harden as it dries out. Pretty cool.  

I found a list of materials that the house will need. There are so many details into building a house. It seems like it's simple - measure & cut & hammer - done. But those measurements often involve calculations to determine the correct wall height and angle. It's been a few too many years since Algebra for me!

Buddy joined us because all the noise was scaring him. 

Tommy & I went upstairs to take a quick look around, so Buddy joined us. Let me just say, this poor dog, does not like heights.  

 Dan and Darryl planned out how to lay out the second floor. While up there, Dan discussed with me some changes to the second floor that will give each room a bit more space and use the attic space wisely. Once we agreed on the changes, they finished marking up the floor. 

We talked about moving the walls in the homeschool room back into the about 16 inches here (which will make the wall a bit shorter, but that's ok)...

 and almost 2 feet here (so the wall won't line up with the hallway wall anymore). They also moved the Office wall over about 3 feet, so instead of being 7 feet wide, it will be 10 feet (well, 3 inches shy of 10 feet). I remembered that the HVAC is coming up into the Office through the coat closet below, so the opening of the room will be slightly affected by that wall. We will also put an attic access door beside the HVAC once we know where it will go. 

For Tommy's room, they moved the wall over about a foot to line up with the far right corner. This will allow the roof line to be straightened out, which will be easier for them and hopefully prevent the roof from potentially leaking. Any joints in the roof have the potential to leak, so the fewer the better. They also asked if we were wanting skylights in the girls room, but I said no because I know they can leak - and I dont' want that. Dan was relieved to hear it because he doesn't like installing them for that very reason! Yay for builders who can read minds. 

When we finished going over all the changes, Tommy & I headed back to the house. However, I forgot Buddy was still up there...and he was not sure how to get down! So Dan called me back to help Buddy get down. Lets just say it's not easy pulling a 90lb dog down the stairs. Once he got down the first couple of stairs, he finally got brave enough to walk the rest of the way on his own. I'm glad I've been working out though! :)

Tom & I came back after everyone had gone home and I went over all the new changes with him. 

Then we inspected the house. :)

Our house has more plywood exterior installed now. 

Our master closet. They will eventually close in the wall for the window, but I guess they still need it open for electricity or something. 

View of our master bedroom and closet. 

The back of our house.

Our garage where they will hopefully be back-filling against tomorrow.

It's so exciting seeing all the changes taking place, and how quickly this is going up. 

Can't wait until we get to live here someday soon! 

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