Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happiness following all that Craziness!

Yesterday did not go according to my plans, but today was a lot of fun to make up for all that craziness! First, I went out to check out the new rafters on our roof. 

 It looks so awesome despite all the rain. 

I then took the kids to a friend's house to make gingerbread houses.  Tommy decided to try building a two-story house.
 Amazingly - it worked out great for him!
He was pretty excited about it.
 Becky kept hers simple and cute!
 Nikki had fun letting me help her decorate hers while she ate the candy - I think she had the right idea!
My friend's daughter even created a really cute front door.  
 Our finished houses.

While working on these houses, I got the wonderful news that we get to close on our house TOMORROW!!!! I'm so excited! What an awesome early Christmas present. :)
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  1. Glad I saw this post! We had so much fun that day, didn't we?! I didn't make the correlation between Tommy's house and the house you all are building! He's so smart! :) The kids will have great memories of being a part of all the experiences you guys have had this last year! What a year! I need to bring your houses over to you ... for now they are sitting in a safe place. :) Jess