Monday, December 26, 2011

Posts for the Back Porch

Today wasn't the prettiest of days, but our builders came out to get started on our back porch anyway. 
Some of the guys started working on getting the dormers covered with plywood.  
Pulling boards upstairs to use in the girls room. 
 The girls room is starting to look quite different with just the walls of the dormer on. 
 Then we went down to check and see what Dan and Daryl had been up to. 
 They've been busy building the back porch!
 They screwed down brackets to hold the wooden posts to the cement floor. 
 Then they nailed the posts into the bracket.
 I asked why they put 2x6s together instead of 6x6s and the reason is because 6x6s can twist and warp over time, and since we are wrapping these posts, by nailing 2x6s together they won't twist and warp. 
It's amazing how different the house looks now that the support for that back porch is up. 
Now we just have to wait for them to get the walls up for the dining room and then hopefully the roof will follow shortly!
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