Thursday, December 15, 2011

Raise the Roof!

I was wondering what to expect today when we went to see the house. The morning flew by, so when I was finally able to take the kids out, we were quite surprised to see that they are working on putting up the roof for the garage today.
 They have the dormers built too. Such busy bees!
 Our garage has also taken on a very different look. 
It's so neat seeing it with a ceiling now. 
 The gravel has also been placed for the concrete slab, although I think the slab will be poured next week instead. 
 That slab of concrete is going to look nice though!
The girls had fun inspecting the rocks.
 They were thrilled when they discovered the pink rocks. It was very hard for them to resist picking them all up and taking them home. 

 The roof over the garage really changes the look of our house. It's finally looking like a house now!

 Tom and I also checked out the house after the kids were settled into bed. They have removed all the supports for the main floor now. 
 Our master bedroom feels so open now. 
 View of the rafters over our master closet.
Upstairs, the girls room is taking shape. I'm so excited to see the roof up there now. It makes it easier to picture what this room will look like now.
 Those dormers are so cool to see!
Tom got our christmas wreaths out and hung them up to make our house a bit more festive.

 Our garage looks so big now!
 It will be nice having space for the cars, especially when the kids learn to drive. I've heard it will happen in a blink of an eye - so I'm trying hard not to blink - but boy my kids are growing fast!
 This is where they will pour the footing for the garage bay walls. 
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
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