Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shaping up

Today has been a wonderful day! Our rafters are up and looking awesome!
 I love how the front of the house is turning out. We have the window header on the second floor framed in now too. 
 Rafters over the great room. Looks like ribs from this viewpoint. :) Guess it kinda is the house's ribs.

 The kids had fun inspecting our new rafters.
 Tommy even got invited up for a quick run around the scaffolding way up high!
 Peeking out the rafters over the great room.

 Tommy with his buddy Daryl. 
 Of course, the girls couldn't be left out, so Becky climbed up for a quick look. Daryl took her around to have her make certain everyone was working hard!
 Then Nikki had her turn. Daryl asked if she was our mischievous one. How could he tell? :)
 She had fun walking around with Daryl, but he kept a close eye on her. She didn't want to get down when it was time, but we told her she might find something even more fun to do if she climbed down. 
 Becky thought it was pretty fun to pretend she was a ghost since she could walk through walls. Silly girl. :)
 Peeking out the rafters in the girls room. 
Puddle stomping for Nikki? But she looks so innocent... 
The bones of the house are taking shape now.  
 Building the short wall between the roofs. 

 The roof is being extended here.
 Our first roof is being laid down. 
 So cool!
 Dan showing off his balancing act. 
 More roof is being installed. Yay!
 I took one final shot of our house as we left for a final walk-through of our old home. 

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