Sunday, March 18, 2012

While the Cat's Away...The Mice Will Play!

This week has been super fun and exciting- but unfortunately it ended with some sad news. My granddad passed away this week, so I had to fly out to Arizona for the funeral. Its was nice to see family I hadn't seen in years and meet family I hadn't really met before as well. It's just sad that it has to be for such sad reasons. 
The phoenix airport had a really neat display. My camera phone didn't take very good pictures though. :(
This is the car I got to drive while in Arizona. It looks pretty nice, but had way too many blind spots for me - so probably won't buy one of these any time soon. :)
I woke up early every day while in Arizona and went walking with my Aunt Darlene, Uncle Tom and cousin's to the Paradise Cafe. It was about a 3 mile-round trip walk from my Uncle Pat's house. It was such a nice way to start the day over there - even if I had to wake up early! Friday night we went for a hike in downtown Phoenix. Phoenix is so large that you can go HIKING in the mountains the middle of the city. Crazy! 
Saturday night was my Granddad's funeral. Lots of really nice memories were shared, remembering what a neat guy my Granddad was.  Here I am with my cousins and siblings after the funeral. My cousin Josh is a US Marine (so proud of him!) and he presented the flag during the funeral since my Granddad was a veteran. 
My mom (on the right) with her siblings and cousins. 
On Sunday, I went to breakfast with the entire family at IHop. Haven't been there in a long time - and boy was that food good! :) 
My cousin with my neice. 
 Too busy talking for pictures! :)

While I was out in Arizona, Tom stayed home with our kids and got quite a bit of things done. I made him promise to take pictures for he did his best! I left Thursday morning and Tom took the afternoon off to do some work around the house. Our pond has a leak in it, so we are going to have to do some repairs to it to stop the leak. Clint delivered some rock to repair the dam overflows once the leak has been fixed. 
 So Tom and the kids had fun watching the rocks get moved off the road to an area closer to the pond. 

 Big scoop!
"Sweeping" the pile of rocks together.  
 Doesn't Kyle look happy to be done with all that tedious work? :)

Friday, Tom and his folks got to digging fence posts and concrete pilons for the dock. 
 They even convinced the neighbor to come help them dig the holes with his tractor and an auger we borrowed from another friend. It was super easy to get the post holes dug for the fence around the house. 
 However, the holes for the concrete in the pond were not easy and wouldn't drill at all. So eventually they gave up that idea and planned on using Clint's machinery to dig bigger holes for the dock later. 
Then more bad rained A LOT Thursday night and...
 ...out popped our sewer tank! :( Thankfully all Clint and Gary's machines were still here, so they were able to get the sewage tank back down again and covered. 

 Our house from the pond. The stairs are being formed. 
 Top stairs are done and it's just the bottom steps that remain. 
 Inside the house, the HVAC guys came back and connected a bit more of the ductwork together. 
The air intake for the basement.  
 The craziness from the floors above join in here. 
 Our safe room still leaks - hopefully we can get it fixed quickly!

 The upstairs Garage. 
 Our Mudroom bench has been installed! 
 Our bathroom has been tiled now. 
 Even the floor! Love it!
 Then Tom took the kids out to the pond to enjoy some downtime - catching tadpoles!

Sunday, the grandparents and great-grandparents left to go back home, so Tom and the kids had fun just enjoying the beautiful weather. 
 The flowers have started to bloom. 
 Our house is getting closer to finished!
 The Sewage Tank has been reseated. :)
 Our built-ins are looking good. 

 Nikki even had fun trying out the mud room bench. I think it's love. :)
 The house is still a crazy mess though. 
Nikki nspecting Mommy and Daddy's shower. 
 Tommy trying out the new shower floor - now that it has been grouted. 
 Oops - someone forgot their phone!

 View of the great room from upstairs. 
 Inspecting the dressup room. 
 It's a favorite. 
 Of course, so is Tommy's bed!
The new road to our house.  
 Inspecting the new stairs. 
Say Cheese!
Our pond and the crazy HVAC contraption. 
 The covered Sewage bed - can't drive on this dirt anymore!
 Having fun walking the stream bed. 

 Our house and Tom's folks house - can't wait until we are all living in our own homes! :)
 View of the valley from our hill. 
 Kids having fun staying up late. 
 We like to party!
 Stream - sorta trickling. 
 Side view of our house. 
 One final shot of the kiddos before they went back inside to watch movies until it was time to come pick me up at the airport. 
The kids were super excited to get home with me to see what I brought them. I brought Cactus Pear Gummies for Tom (unfortunately, no cactus pear was involved in the process of making those gummies...just the name.)
 I gave each of the kids a whistle and a hakky sack. 
 Nikki was excited about her noisemaker - or maybe she was just too tired. It was about 11pm after all!
 I also got a couple of books on Arizona for the kids to enjoy. Tomorrow when everyone is awake, I'm sure we'll have lots of fun!

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