Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Pit Viper

Today is the day. Nope - we didn't see a snake. Today is the day...
we fill in the giant hole with the Viper.  
 We borrowed the VIPER to vibrate the ground and compact it to fix the leak in the pond (hopefully). 
 Tom took the day off work to drive the compactor. 
Clint used his front-end loader to lower the Viper into the Pit. :) 
 That hole didn't look so deep did it? Yeah - that's about 16 feet down!
 Tom drove the viper back and
 I think he enjoyed it for the first hour.
 Then it got rather monotonous. 
 The font end loader scooped dirt into the hole and the compacter would compact it down. 
 Tommy was super excited to watch them work. 
 Tom said his fingers got tired of pushing buttons. :)
 Here we go back and forth again. Isn't this super exciting? :)
 Closeup of the Viper hard at work. 
Bringing in more clay dirt for the hole.  
 Proof I was there!
 Leveling out the dirt. 
 La, la, la...more dirt moving fun!
 Bet you were wondering where all that dirt came from? Thankfully, it wasn't from a far off place - just our giant hill where we put our address post. 
 Clint dug down until we hit good clay, then used his dozer to scrape off the clay needed to fill the hole. 
 He scraped a LOT of dirt. 
 I think there was this much dirt before... :)
 Back to the excitement of filling that hole!
 Whee! Dropping dirt into the hole!
 Wait...who snuck a ride! Tommy - what are you doing there!
 The hole is shrinking...
Yup! Tommy can walk into the hole and get himself out now. How often can you dig yourself into a hole and easily get out of it, right? :) 
 Here we are getting closer to the finish line - wait! Clint is digging a LONGER hole! Just when we thought we were done too!
 I think Nikki has the right idea of burying her head in the mud...crazy girl! She and Becky were having a blast pretending to be pigs. 
 I would agree that they did a very good job of being pigs. Can you tell who loves dirt and who could live without it?
 Cleaning up the hill. 
 What a happy ending to a very long day!

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