Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hardwood Floors

I'm having a blast choosing paint colors. Too many choices if you ask me!
 I think I want to do a blue/gray on the bathroom walls. I think it will make the room a bit cheerier - hopefully.  :)

 The hardwood was laid down today! It's so exciting to see how many changes are happening at our house. 
 I thought that I might want a dark stain on the floors, but I love the character of the wood natural - so I'm thinking of not staining it and just clear-coating it.
   Do you think that's a good idea or would I be happier with a slightly darker color on the floor?
The kids put their bathing suits on and had fun playing in the water as we drained the pond. 

 Nikki got cold so we wrapped her up in a towel while we toured the house again. 
 Trying not to step on the wood floors with muddy boots!
 Cheesing in the mud room. 

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