Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baseboards, Crown Molding and Doors - Oh My!

It's another fun-filled, fast paced day today. :)
 Our built-ins have been made and are looking awesome. I can't wait to see them in the closet!
 Here is the start of the mudroom bench. It's upsidedown for now. 
 They will flip it over and it will go here. 
 The trim for the house has been delivered too. I'm super excited about the trim being here and knowing that soon the hardwood floors will be  installed and the trim will finish off the room. 
 Our back porch. 
 We've also had a couple of other deliveries today.
All the doors to the house have been delivered as well!  
 It's a jungle in our house right now!
 See? You can barely walk in here! It's crazy!
They blocked off the area where the stairs will be going so the kiddos won'd decide to go walking where there isn't anything to walk on. :) 
 I love the angled posts! I didn't know how this porch would turn out, but I <3 it!
 Back inside the house, the shower has been tiled. :)
 Just one more tiny section to go and it's done! I am loving the different patterns on the wall. It looks so pretty. :) 

 Our basement bathroom. 
 Exterior of the house on the Master bed/bath side of the house. 
 Gary, the man installing our septic beds stayed late working. 

 He was having someone video his work so he can put it on his website.  
 It was pretty cool watching them film him. 
 I think this part was the highlight of Tommy's day! :)

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