Saturday, April 14, 2012

April - Week 2 Summed up

The exterior trim is almost finished now. We had to fire our first painter because he took almost a month to paint one side of the house...gave us the bill which was almost double what he had quoted...then when we were to meet to talk about the large bill he never showed. So we moved on to painting crew number 2. They did a great job finishing up the exterior of the house quickly.
 The insulation here is for the dining room above. Gotta get that covered up soon!
 Voila! Now we just need some paint.
The upstairs porch that someday we will screen in.

 We've been thinking about painting the doors red... we pulled the trigger and went for it. 

I'm pretty much in LOVE with the red doors now. :) 

Our house before the red doors. 
 See what a difference those red doors can make?
Ok, you've probably seen enough exterior photos now and are completely ready to see the interior changes now, right? Well, come on in! 
Our foyer with the trim primed and painted.
It cracked me up to see how these doors were painted. I don't know why this makes me laugh...but it does.

Here's the Great Room before all the trim got painted. 
  Here's some of the trim in the process of getting painted.

 Here's what the foyer and upstairs look like prior to handrails...
 and after looks so much more polished! Things seem to be speeding along!
 The painted trim outside the guest bathroom and our master bedroom.
The trim is primed in our guest bathroom and game closet.
 Door to the basement has been primed and painted. 
 However...this is where things with painting crew number 2 go south. See that trim?
 They got a little bit sloppy caulking...everywhere. It was really disappointing because we've had such great crews come through and we've loved everyone who's helped out with this house. So we had to fire the second painting crew...and wait forever for the third painting crew to come through for us. Which is yet another story for another day.
 Anyway, here's our master bathroom before things were primed & painted.
Here's the handrail getting installed. I LOVED the hardwood crew. They were so easy-going and friendly and they were HARD workers too.  

 Our new handrail upstairs. It's awesome!

Future upstairs office.
  My son checking out his future bed. :)
 Look who I found hiding inside my son's closet!

 The linen closet has been primed now.
 The trim has been installed and painted in the playroom.  
 All the trim has been painted in the girls room now too. 

And that's all for this week. See you next week with more progress pictures (and hopefully better news with the painters).  

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