Saturday, April 7, 2012

Starting Up Again - April Week 1

Painting has begun on the exterior of our house finally. We've gone through a couple of painters trying to get things painted but that a story for another day. :)

I'm loving the dark trim against the light blue.

Back Porch

All the baseboards for the house have been delivered and are taking up residence in our garage. :)

Living Room

We've only done this fancy trim in the public areas of the house. Inside bedrooms it's the standard trim. I just love the way it's turning out!

Linen Closet
Laundry Chute
Laundry Room
Girls Room
Here's the unfinished Stairwell.
And the partially completed stairwell. We just need the handrail added. 

The Guest Bathroom has beadboard now. I can't wait to see it painted.

Kitchen doesn't look like much yet...
...but we are choosing cabinet colors!
The brackets for our pantry shelves have been installed.
Trial run for the shelves to make sure everything fits the way we want it to.
I'm getting excited about the Master Closet. Love the built-ins!
Here's our son's bedroom.
He has a hidden shoe rack inside his closet. The vent for the kitchen had to come up through his closet, so we used that tiny space for his shoes. 
Our future Playroom. 
Future Office Space in the Basement.
Basement Bathroom
The closet door has been moved in the Guest Bedroom. It was going to be double doors, but we decided a single door would be good enough - plus it saves $$ with just a single door.
Building the dock for our pond. These are the posts that will be under water someday soon we hope. If we can get rain again...
See you next time!

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